The mission of 2blossom:

2Blossom's mission is to make people flourish by finding the right balance in lifestyle/behavior, healthy eating & exercise through awareness. 2Blossom bases this on a number of core values: inspiration gives motivation, precision through care, empowerment and personal ownership.

The vision of 2blossom:

Prevention is key. Structural changes in lifestyle & enjoyment of food versus "good" January intentions and strict unhealthy crash diets. Taking responsibility for one's own health & wellbeing. People who are in touch with their body and drive are healthier and more vital. Intrinsic motivation through inspiration, education and (self-) evaluation, practicality and tools help to achieve this goal.

2Blossom on incompany prevention

2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra.

'I understand employers who stimulate their employees to bring out the best in them. Through awareness of posture & attitude, healthy eating, exercise and intrinsic motivation, 2blossom helps your employees to find the right balance. Healthy, balanced people perform better.'

It's also important to keep yourself inspired. Out of love and passion for her profession, Laura conscientiously follows the latest scientific research in the field of nutrition, exercise, and exercise-and-health psychology. 2Blossom's masseurs attend regular refresher courses to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.


2Blossom's practice

With her background as an integral health therapist Laura searches to find the best way to restore balance. This is always a team effort between the client and herself. Hereby there is not merely a focus on the complaints, but the person is treated as a whole.

'Our body is constructed beautifully and gives us signals, for example fatigue or pain. If we ignore these signals, we become sick. I'm therefore an advocate of prevention: finding a good balance in nutrition, movement and coping with stress and emotions. Through insight and practical advice people get the tools to restore balance and to get in touch with their inner drive. I do this as a professional with respect and openness. Because the most beautiful aspect of my job is that eventually people do it themselves.'

'For me collaboration between my profession CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) and conventional medicine is normative. The best of both worlds.'


2blossom on chair massage

Complaints that significantly improve or disappear through massage are: migraines, neck-,shoulder- and/or back-pain, sore arms and wrists. In case of pain complaints the masseur always looks at the full picture. A complaint in the shoulder often radiates to the arm or neck for example. A neck complaint could e.g. come from the shoulder.

'I feel clients relax through the touch of my hands and see them return to their work environment with renewed energy. The good thing about structural chair massage is that you can work at long term prevention. So not just remedying but also preventing complaints. The masseur not only massages but may also offer advice on how to prevent future complaints or refer employees to an appropriate practitioner if necessary. It's beautiful to hear that many clients benefit from the massages and even experience it as a gift.’

The employee also becomes aware and more conscious of posture. Chair massage is much more than mere relaxation.


Integrative medicine

2Blossom fully recognizes herself in Integrative Medicine IM, because it's all about - safely - advancing health, vitality and wellbeing in an integrative way. 2Blossom strives towards cooperation, the best of both worlds. Consultation between the disciplines and treatment aimed at the whole human in which lifestyle and prevention are important pillars.


Health advice in 2blossom's practice

The body is a psycho-neuro-biological unity. What we think affects our physiology and vice versa our lifestyle has an effect on our mental wellbeing. Everyone is different, so treatment is personally tailored. Sometimes (coaching) conversations and advice are enough, sometimes 2blossom supports treatment with natural remedies.



Maurice Bongers - account manager Triade media

'2blossom provides professional chair massages that help me relax. It's always a pleasant, highly recommendable experience.'

David Bergal, Essent Energy Trading

'After 12 hours of staring at a computer screen, with my eyes watering while seated on a rickety chair at work, 2blossoms massage work was essential for keeping me focused and relaxed at work'.

Eva Molenaar HR Manager-Lexis Nexis

'I always look forward to the massage. It really relieves tension'.

Why 2blossom? 2blossom stands for quality

• 2Blossom has a network of certified masseurs at HBO level with a quality mark (affiliated with occupational
group KNGF , ESA, TouchPro, or NWP). 2Blossom's masseurs:
• Provide additional prevention through tips and specific advice.
• Have the knowledge to determine when referral is indicated and towards what type of practitioner.
• Broadly educated. The chair massage is based on the Shiatsu and in addition, several complementary
techniques are used, from deep tissue, Tuina, to Swedish massage.
• Are required to obtain annual training points & are members of a quality-assurancing complaints commission.
• Maintain a file of the clients in the case of structural assignments, so they can work on prevention or treatment of complaints (guaranteed privacy).

Fit and motivated employees?

Research has shown that employees have 12% higher performance rate when they feel good. A 20 minute massage can already work miracles. -Source:Warwick University, Happiness & Productivity-

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About me

2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant & coach. She helps organizations with sustainable employability by providing trainings and translating policy into perception using a holistic lens. Hereby combining her strengths in analytical thinking and empathy to search out root causes and work towards solutions." In her practice she also helps clients 1 on 1. "My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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