From the automatic pilot to the driverseat

Everyone will at at a certain time in their lives expirience life is not unfolding the way you wished or expected,  often it solves itself again. Sometimes however it's not as easy. You try all sorts of approaches but somehow you find yourself not being able to resolve your situation or feel yourself geting stuck in al old pattern. You want to take enough rest for yourself, enjoy and be happy with yourself, but do not succeed. Negative thoughts might come up like: It's always the same, why does this happen to me, I'm messing up, I will never succeed, etc. These thoughts do not you help you in the long run.


Together with 2blossom you explore where the crux lies and how you can become empowered through insight and practical advice. How for example do you undermine yourself, or procrastinate or feel dissatisfied in your relationships. Where are you responding out of automatism and stick in an action-reaction pattern.

Bumps in te road

How we cope with bumps in the road has to do partially with character (nature) and what we have learned whilts growing up (nurture). Many 'auto pilots' work positively for us and some do not, or have done so in the past, but not anymore. By becoming aware of the automated pilots who no longer work for you, you can take control over the steering wheel again. And learn to choose what is best for you from from a loving attitude towards yourself. At times this can also be tough love. Next to patience & compassion you need discipline to change any pattern and allowing yourself the time and to make mistakes.

New behaviour, new neural pathways

Our brains are our most plastic organ. Also on your 100th, you can still train it and create new brain structures. If for years you are accustomed to react in a certain way to stress, by sbinging on chocolate, by being critical of yourself or by letting the cashier have it, it will take time to change this. It starts with awareness. Because you no longer respond primary you can choose your response. The old pattern can still be quite addictive, it is after all what your brains knows. Even though it does not help you, it is "safe" because this is what you know.

The more often you conciously choose the positive pattern the easier it becomes after that. This is because your brain creates new connections. New emotional paths so to speak. When you are tired the tendency to take the old "path" will be stronger. Because it was ofter used it turned into sort of neural "highway". But the more often you consciously choose the stronger your positive Race circuit will become.

Prices & starting points


  • An in-practice coaching session takes 1 hour and costs € 75, -

Starting points:

  • Out of care 2blossom will in certain cases refer you to a GP or psychologist. For example if 2blossom suspects an underlying physical cause (such as thyroid disease) or when there is trauma that requires deeper support. This always happens in consultation with you.
  • Empowerment is the angle of each treatment. 2blossom supports you with treatment and offers suggestions to find a healthy, balanced lifestyle in daily life.
  • Are you being treated by a doctor or psychologist, and you want to that treatment with support adjustments in your lifestyle? In deliberation 2blossom can offer a complementary treatment, for example, dietary advise or massage. Deliberation is always the starting point. If necessary, you will receive a treatment form that you can hand over to your GP or psychologist.

When under stress ask yourself:

  • How responsible do I feel in general?
  • Am I a perfectionist?
  • Do I often compare myself with others?
  • Am I you biting of more then I can chew in daily life?
  • How do trying to control and letting go relate to one and other in my life?
  • Is there unresolved pain?
  • Can I express my grief?
  • How dependent am I on the affirmation of others?
  • Can I state my boundaries?



I got in touch with Laura because my daughter fell into a coma through an accident. As a result, I had a lot of nervousness and anxiety in my life. Laura really listens and takes her time with you and is genuinly interested in you. In addition to coaching, she prescribed me Bach flower remedies, het treatment quiets me down so I can function better.

Marloes van Schalkwijk

Laura takes time for you and sincerely listence. You notice that she has a lot of knowledge and experience, which she also uses to ask the right questions and give valuable tips. A consultation with her gives new inspiration and courage!


Laura has the quality to, in a very short time, provide insight into where the problem lies. She knows how to coach in such a way that you find your own solutions. I experienced her as honest, warm and to the point.

What are 2blossom's starting points?

For 2blossom collaboration between conventional and natural medicine is very important. The best of two worlds. Read more about integrative medicine.

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2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant & coach. She helps organizations with sustainable employability by providing trainings and translating policy into perception using a holistic lens. Hereby combining her strengths in analytical thinking and empathy to search out root causes and work towards solutions." In her practice she also helps clients 1 on 1. "My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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