2Blossom represents an integrated approach to health by looking at lifestyle. Modern sickness prevention which doesn't aim to just keep people free of symptoms, but strives to optimise health. A balance between good employment practices and responsibility of employees. Through training, your employees get more insight into their lifestyle and stress perception, and are given practical tools to improve their lifestyle in a sustainable way. 2blossom also offers in-company chair massages.

Chair massage

Headache, neck pain, tense shoulders: these are common complaints. Chair massage has been proven effective in countering these complaints. In addition, the employee develops awareness of the correlation between posture and physical complaints. This motivates working from a healthier posture!

Chair massage

Stress prevention

What exactly is stress? Is there such a thing as healthy stress? What happens in my body? Is my response helpful or counterproductive? By understanding how stress mechanisms work and also how they effect the department as a whole, your employees get insight & tools to help prevent unhealthy stress.

Stress prevention

Health advice

It is increasingly clear how important lifestyle is for our health and wellbeing. At the same time, there is a lot of confusion about what is healthy in the field of nutrition and exercise. 2Blossom gives your employees tools to stay mentally and physically fit extrapolated from the latest developments in the field.

Health advice

Chair massage effects

Creation of happiness hormones, a positive effect on the immune system, pain and stress reduction. Research shows that chair massage has numerous positive effects.

In addition, more creativity? Einstein, Kazuhiko Nishi got their creative inspiration during moments of relaxation...

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Chair massage effects

Forms of massage

2blossom's masseurs are widely educated and therefore have expert knowledge and an extensive repertoire of massage techniques. Because of this, the masseurs give personalised massages that actively contribute to reducing stress and physical complaints.

Read more about various massage techniques, their effect and find out what exactly these famous "knots" are.

Forms of massage


David Bergal - Trader at Essent Energy Trading

“After 12 hours of staring at a computer screen, with my eyes watering while seated on a rickety chair at work, Laura's massage work was essential for keeping me focused and relaxed at work�?.

Eva Molenaar - Sr. HR Business Partner at Lexis Nexis

"I always look forward to the massage. It really relieves my tension. The massage helps maintaining our employees healthy."

Karen Jenkins - Vice President Researcher Marketing at Elsevier

"2blossom has visited my office for corporate massages for 5 years, and I thoroughly recommend their service. The masseurs professionalism and treatment is top-notch, and their calm, relaxed nature brings a zen atmosphere to our busy office environment"

Tax advantage: Wage tax deduction chair massage

Offering chair massages to employees is deductable from wage tax under the following conditions:

•The chair massages are registered in the Arboplan.

•The chair massages take place under office hours.

•Employees will not be charged an own contribution for the chair massage.

•There is no considerable personal material saving for the employee.

Fit and motivated employees?

Research has shown that employees have a 12% higher performance rate when they feel good. A 20 minute massage can already work miracles.

-Source:Warwick University, Happiness & Productivity-

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