Forms of massage

2blossom uses a mix of Shiatsu, pressure point massage and classical Swedish massage for the chair massage. Elements of Trigger point therapy may be used too.

Below you will find a short description of all techniques:


Literally Shiatsu means 'pressure with the fingers'. This form of massage helps the body to optimize its (energy) balance. Ideal as prevention and moreover an effective treatment method for stress related complaints, RSI, joint and muscle complaints and blood circulation disorders. The masseur uses his or her own body weight in using pressure with thumbs, palms fingers and elbows. Shiatsu massage mainly focuses on muscles, bones, ligaments, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, nervous system, meridians and the psyche.

Trigger point therapy

Bothered by rigid muscles, dizziness, headaches or painful muscles and limbs? This may be caused by so-called muscle knots. They are called trigger points as they feel painful to the touch and characteristic radiating pain may occur. The muscle fibers in trigger points are constantly tensed, which causes blood circulation to be locally obstructed and waste products (metabolic products of the muscles) accumulate which makes it even harder for the muscle fiber to relax. It's a vicious circle. Moreover, the muscle shortens because of the cramping which causes pain in the attachment of the muscle. The pain then spreads to other muscle parts through the membrane. Luckily muscle knots can be treated through special massage techniques. Trigger point therapy searches for these painful points through a careful examination of the muscles and deactivates these frictions in the grain direction of the muscle. This not only brings relief, but also improves the functionality of the muscle.

Pressure point chair massage

Pressure point massage is an effective massage focusing on head, shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands. During this massage the client will be fully clothed. The technique is based on Shiatsu and adjusted to a massage in an ergonomically responsible chair which offers support to all body parts. The whole body gets full attention. Blood circulation improves and the nervous system is stimulated so that tension and rigidity in muscles and joints decreases. The pressure point chair massage energizes, makes the client more fit, relaxed, clear headed, alert and more aware of work posture and overstraining. Good as prevention and for taking on (starting) complaints.

Classical Swedish massage

Classical Swedish massage is a combination of kneading, rolling, vibrating, and tapping movements that stimulate blood circulation and vitalize the body. Because the nervous system is influenced by this massage, relaxation arises. The improved blood circulation accelerates the healing process of tired, tensed and painful muscles and joints. Swellings caused by injuries may benefit from Swedish massage. Classic Massage can treat specific complaints, and generally has a relaxing and healing effect on body and mind. Treatments are offered in the practice in a peaceful ambiance while using wonderful oils based, for example, on almonds. The combination of peace, warmth and massage is beneficial for general wellness.

Fit and motivated employees?

Research has shown that employees perform 12%  better when they feel good. A 20 minute massage can already work miracles.

-Source:Warwick University, Happiness & Productivity-

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