From absenteeism to long term health optimization

Prevention is the key

Healthy employees are more productive employees. With the introduction of the modernization health insurance act prevention (BeZaVa) is even more important. How do I motivate my staff to have a sustainable healthy lifestyle? 2Blossom playfully motivates your employees to master a healthier lifestyle using up to date information and by providing them with tools

Modern day challenges

Words like obesity epidemic, burnout, stress and lifestyle diseases have become part of our everyday language. Our diet and exercise habits have changed enormously over the past 50 years . Never before we have been so sedentary and during the rise of the food industry onerous and  one-sided "nutritional" products crept into our diet. Just how do you interweave a healthy lifestyle with your full, often hectic life and do you make informed choices in a sea of health claims.

What does 2blossom offer?

One training consisting of two parts:

  • From chair patatoe to superspud: How do your employees increase their heath with small lifestyle changes and how can colleagues inspire one and other to implement them?
  • So what is healthy?: During the health advice training your employees get simple tools to find their way in the health jungle.  It's about finding a balance and the enjoyment of food is paramount.

From chair patatoe to super spud

The latest research shows that HIT & constant moderate exercise have a beneficial health effect. The latter is also known as NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). This is the energy we consume during trivial physical movement such as walking, standing, gardening etc. Even these small activities increase our metabolism level considerably. People with physical work have a high NEAT score, office workers a low score.


Training so what is healthy?

Superfoods, detox, food-pyramids, choose consciously logos, omega 3's ... nutrition is trendy! On the one hand, there is an urge to go back to basic on the other hand, there has never been so much choice, seduction & one sided and processed food. A jungle of opinions, half-truths and contradictory research results. So what is healthy?


  • Practical tools for identifying healthy food.
  • The influence of diet on blood sugar and thus the energy level & health
  • Practical tools: lifestyle change begins with small changes and prioritization
  • The influence of stress on the digestive system

Starting points & additional info

Nutrition and relaxation

Because modern life can feel like a rat race the training focusses special attention on the impact of stress on the digestive system. We also look briefly at the combination of stress and nutrition. How can you make nutrition contribute to relaxation? It's all about balance. It's about the enjoyment of food. During this training, we go on exploration in the food jungle, cutting through a sprawl of claims. We go back to basics and give employees simple tools to thrive in this jungle.

Back to common sense

So what is healthy? At it's base that is the same for us all. Enough vegetables, fruit, moderation in sugar and snacks that we all know. But nowadays it is difficult to make sense of all the logos. To so to say "read between the logo's"and understand what is nutritious and what not. Logos are not always tell the truth. There's a big industry behind them with vast interests. Healthy choice, is that so? You spontaniously break into a sweat: "Oh no, once I start reading ingredients lists I dare to eat nothing an more, I'm not even going to start...! I'm doing the right thing already by eating light products and low-fat or am I...?


Virginie Wagenaar- Product Manager Elsevier

"The Speeddate consultation was very useful. Through a number of clear advices I can already arrange my eating pattern in a (much) healthier way. Luckily the tips are easily realisable and after a week I already notice that I have more energy during the afternoon."

Ana Cuenca Cobos - Sr. accountmanager Reed Business Information

"I expirienced the speeddate health advice with Laura as very pleasant. She has a lot of expertise, is a good listener and does not jump to hasty conclusions. She gave me good tips that are directly and personally applicable in daily live and recipes that that are easy to prepare, nutritious and delicious.''

Arthur J.F. van de Kamp- Creative Director at PR STUNT BV

"2Blossom's chair massages are in one word amazing. In 20 minutes I'm completely relaxed and I feel enough energy for the rest of my working week. 2Blossom's massages contributes to a pleasant working environment. In 2015 we were named 'a great place to work, in my opinion partly thanks to 2blossom."

Coffee, certain energy drinks and nicotine turn on the internal "fight flight" system. Even though we  psychologically conditioned ourselves to believe it is a moment of peace, in reality it provides our body with internal stress. Coffee is fine, just drink it in moderation, especially if you are stressed - however tempting.

Do your employees neck / shoulder complaints?

Chair massage is a proven effective way to prevent headaches, back and/or neck complaints. Want to learn more about how chair massages work? Have a look on our chair massage page.

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2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant, nutritionist & coach. Laura works with a holistic approach. The body is a psycho-neuro-immunology unity and the challenge lies in finding balance." My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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