Working together towards a natural balance

Stress, fatigue, headaches, excess weight, stomach and bowel complaints, strained neck and shoulders, burn-out or generally not comfortable in your own skin: these are all frequently heard complaints in our society. We live a (too) high paced life and easily loose our balance. 2blossom helps people restore their balance and to once more feel what is right for their body and health. Complaints are a message from the body, which you can (learn to) listen to. That is why 2blossom has a personal approach: it's about you!

Tools in this approach are:

  • conversations (coaching)
  • nutritional advice
  • reseached natural remedies found to be safe and effective  (EBM: Evidence Based Medicine)
  • Attention for stress prevention (nutrition, movement, regulating emotions)
  • self-regenerative ability
  • massage
  • inspiration: from obstacles to possibilities!

2blossom believes in cooperation between mainstream and natural medicine. It is therefore in case of new complaints best to always see your GP first. 2blossom's treatment may also be beneficial in addition to the treatment of doctor and/or psychologist. In this case, 2blossom always strives for a consultation between all specialists involved.

Prices & starting points:


  • A health or coaching session takes standard 1 hour and costs € 75, -
  • For writing a personalised, detailed health plan charges 2blossom single € 150, -
  • For health advice applies: The one-time intake of approximately 1.5 hours costs € 90,-
  • Within companies 2blossom provides individual consultations. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

Starting points:

  • The intake is an important base for your treatment plan. In 1,5 hour we discuss your complaints or barriers, and also your lifestyle. This may include your nutritional and exercise patterns and the way you handle stress and emotions.
  • After the intake a detailled health advice will be drawn up by 2blossom addressing your specific health issues & needs on the bases of nutrition, life style, possible supplements and sometimes possible refferal for bloodwork to your GP.
  • The treatment plan is a starting point and will be adjusted if necessary.
  • If you are in treatment with a doctor or psychologist and would like to support this process with changes in your lifestyle, 2blossom may offer additional treatments in consultation with all involved specialists. Offered treatments may include nutritional advice or evidence based phytotherapy. You can provide a copy of your healthplan to your doctor or psycologist or if needed 2blossom will provide you with a treatment form.
  • Your self-healing abilities are the starting point for every other treatment. 2blossom offers supportive treatments for you to find a healthy and balanced stance in daily life.

Questions about your specific situation? Please contact 2blossom about the possibilities.


Jolanda van der Heijden

Laura has a very thorough approach based on the latest scientific insights and looks into at what is goes on in your mind and in your body. Through her advice my daughter virtually free of migraines. I am very happy that came to Laura with this complaint.

Jolanda de Rijk

"When I entered menopauze I came for Laura's advice. She gave me natural medicine for to lesson menopausal complaints and for my difficulty sleeping. I am still very much benefit from this advice. Laura is very caring, you feel that she really wants to help you."


"It was a very nice experience to be helped by Laura. During the intake interview I felt she was seriously and attentively involved. She send me a report in which among other things was written what helpful for me to eat and what is not. After following the advice my migraine has become considerably less. Without Laura this would never have succeeded!"

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2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant & coach. She helps organizations with sustainable employability by providing trainings and translating policy into perception using a holistic lens. Hereby combining her strengths in analytical thinking and empathy to search out root causes and work towards solutions." In her practice she also helps clients 1 on 1. "My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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