Holism: combination of body and mind

2blossom has a holistic vision when it comes to medicine. This means that the human being is seen as an inseparable combination of body and mind. Moreover, the sum of for example emotions, mental resilience, energy background, nutritional patterns and lifestyle all influence our mental and physical condition. That is why 2blossom looks at the total picture.

Physical signals

The core of natural medicine is the natural ability of the human body to recover and heal itself. Think of small cuts and bruises that heal by themselves. Reasoned from the holistic vision, a complaint, symptom or illness is a sign from the body that harmony has been disrupted. For example: fever, vomiting, diarrhea and fatigue all are methods for the body to clear up that what is causing the illness, and a way to send all energy into recovery. 2blossom therefore always looks further than the symptoms. It's about finding out about and treating the causes.

Prevention & awareness

You yourself have a big part in keeping the natural balance of health: a healthy and varied diet, moving regularly, enough relaxation, making time and space for yourself, making choices in life that make you happy… It's also good to acknowledge that nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sleep / calming medication and drugs may disrupt your inner balance. Other elements that also influence your inner balance are stress, not enough relaxation, unhealthy and/or excessive eating, not being able to say no, wrong choice in career and so forth. Awareness and own responsibility all add to a positive influence on your health. Though we should not exaggerate and for example immediately link own responsibility to own fault. Some media state that the will to heal alone is enough to heal or that negative thoughts make us sick. It is not that simple.

With health and illnesses it's all about a complicated combination of factors. Yet for this we are not solely dependant on our bodies as our mind and environment also play an important part. The placebo effect may be the strongest example of what effect our mind has on our body. Research is also showing more and more that for example emotions, hope, will to live, sense of purpose and the power of human warmth are of great influence on our health and wellbeing. Our thinking has an impact on our bodily functioning. Thoughts stimulate natural mechanisms that keep us healthy, even when we are barely aware of this. Empowerment and self-healing ability are therefore important principles for 2blossom. A positive mindset helps, even when this may be easier in one moment than the other. It is the art of finding balance.


Medical science in the Western world is of high quality. Profit regarding health may be gained from an appropriate lifestyle; awareness of the body and enough attention for nutrition, physical exercise, relaxation and mental power. Attention for these aspects is a welcome supplement to regular medicine and it also helps prevent (wealth) illnesses. Because a balanced person is sick less often!

Terrain vs. Grainthinking

2blossom always looks at complaints in a broad perspective and strives for the best of two worlds (mainstream and alternative) by working with evidence based, safe and effective resources (info). Concerning bacterial ailments, 2blossom follows the principle that the bacterium is not the cause of illness, but the quality of culture medium is. Whether bacteria lead to infection depends on the vitality, harmfulness and amount of bacteria. But it also depends on what shape we and our immune system are in. For example, the chance of the flu or a cold is four times higher when you are under chronic stress. Another example is the E-coli bacteria (which among other may cause a bladder infection) which we all have in our intestines. It does not make everybody sick. It's the culture medium (our body) which gives bacteria a chance for infection or not.


  • The intake is an important base for your treatment plan. In 1,5 hour we discuss your complaints or barriers, and also your lifestyle. This may include your nutritional and exercise patterns and the way you handle stress and emotions.
  • After the intake a detailled health advice will be drawn up by 2blossom addressing your specific health issues & needs on the bases of nutrition, life style, possible supplements and sometimes possible refferal for bloodwork to your GP.
  • The treatment plan is a starting point and will be adjusted if necessary.
  • If you are in treatment with a doctor or psychologist and would like to support this process with changes in your lifestyle, 2blossom may offer additional treatments in consultation with all involved specialists. Offered treatments may include nutritional advice or evidence based phytotherapy. You can provide a copy of your healthplan to your doctor or psycologist or if needed 2blossom will provide you with a treatment form.
  • Your self-healing abilities are the starting point for every other treatment. 2blossom offers supportive treatments for you to find a healthy and balanced stance in daily life.

Questions about your specific situation? Please contact 2blossom about the possibilities.

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