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Holistic and tailormade solutions

2Blossom works from a holistic vision. The sum of emotional fulfillment, mental resilience, energy/stress management, lifestyle and a sense of purpose are intricately connected and all influence our mental and physical wellbeing. They are therefore a self-evident part of 2blossom’s palette.

2Blossom uses an integral and personal approach to help employees (re-)find balance.Making employees marvel at how amazing their body and mind work, fosters a newfound appreciation and motivation to utilize their innate possibiliies. With a medical and holistic background 2blossom brings in depth knowledge & expertise in latest research brought in an accessible, fun way.

Trainings and workshops can be provided on location, in small groups,
in line with the social distance guideline of 1,5 meter
or in an online setting.

Programs or one-off (online) trainings and workshops

Together with our customer we asses your companies needs and provide a tailor made program or we can offer one-off workshops, webinars and trainings potentially combined with individual coaching. Varying from an hour to one or more half-days and on various topics, such as:

  • Productive sleep. *Plus optional additional training: From insomnia to invigorated.
  • Healthy habits
  • Resilience
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Energy "housekeeping"
  • Stress and digestion & energy balancing foods

2blossom's Training Palet

Productive sleep - Catching your Zzz's

If a pill could do what sleep does for us it would be the most sold pill on the globe. It’s free and we get to do it every day but we often do not optimally use it. Actually in our modern world the majority of people are sleep deprived. Learning what these nightly Zzz’s do for you will fill you with a new appreciation. Understanding how sleep affects our every cell and wellbeing provides insight into this fundamental part of this basic need will motivate you to make better use of this free panacea.


  • Awareness on the essence of sleep and motivation through inspiration.
  • Better “sleep hygiene” through education and by insight into one’s own sleeping habits.
  • Well rested employees make for more productive, social, creative & healthier people.

Optional additional 3 week training:

From insomnia to invigorated

For the "tossing and turning" ones amongst us. Participants will learn about the three factors that regulate sleep, about what unhelpful behavior and thoughts they currently have that contribute to their sleeping problems and which helpful ones can guide them to better sleep.

Healthy Habits in the remote context

Two fundamentals for mental and physical well-being are Nutrition and Exercise. In this training we will look at how you can expand these two basic ingredients in the remote context. Which foods help us thrive (build a healthy immune system and help stay energized)? How do I get myself to exercise? Success derives from the right habit design not from character.


  • Employees will derive handles to implement healthy behaviors in their life.
  • Will identify and start working on a specific habit they'd like to alter or incorporate.
  • Acquiring new positive habits gives employees a sense of accomplishment and capability.
  • The habit forming techniques can also be used in other aspects of (work) life.

Re-thinking Resilience 

How we can influence our grit by changing our response to adversities

The Ancient Greek aphorism "know thyself" holds much wisdom. Research has powerfully proven that resilience is the key to success at work and satisfaction in life. The secret of resilience lies in accurate thinking. It’s not about what happens but how we react to what happens that has the greatest effect on our resilience and the trajectory of our lives.


The resilience skills apply to life in general and:

  • Help balance between work and home
  • Make employees more keen to learn and grow
  • Can be used with adversities that arise in the workplace.
  • Help in dealing with stress in the wake of corporate restructuring or challenges the remote context poses
  • Helps employees to get a more flexible view of things and to feel more capable and energized.

Body Logic

Past the nutritional fads and adds

We are bombarded with nutrition fad facts, to the point where we can’t see the wood for the trees. Wouldn’t it be easier to understand why certain foods are healthy vs. unhealthy explained from the perspective of our body’s own logic?

Our body is not a collection of separate components. It’s an intricate system in which everything works together by a blue print from the time when we were still hunter-gatherers. Our blue print has not changed our nutrition however has…


  • Employees who are inspired to make healthier food choices that help them keep fit & healthy in the long run
  • Employees learn how to better differentiate between fact and fads.
  • Employees that get a new sense of awe for their bodies which motivates them to take better care of it.

Energy "housekeeping"

What fuels you? What empty’s your batteries? Is there a balance between the two? Are there certain self-limiting inner values or stories you tell yourself that are holding you back. How do you prevent yourself from building up an energy debt. Insight in to what your inner & external energy landscape looks will help you prioritize & helps calibrate your energy barometer.


  • Increased awareness on personal energy management.
  • Employees learn how to keep an energy credit by prioritizing, setting healthy boundaries and achievable goals which is important for keeping employees healthy in the long run.
  • Employees Learn how to balance a temporarily debit back into a credit.

Gut Feeling

Stress and digestion & blood sugar balancing foods

When you experience prolonged stress you can suffer from bloating, fatigue, indigestion, mood swings and increased craving for, for instance sweets or alcohol. Stress hormones also make your brain pick foods that actually worsen your stress levels and worsen the way you feel. Learning to understand your body’s signals and needs helps you to choose the right nourishment for your body.


  • Employees learn how use their body to become aware of small signs of stress and to take the right steps to get out of the stress loop by choosing the right foods and (eating) habits.
  • Employees can make better informed food choices that keep blood sugar levels healthy, which prevents diabetes & cardio vascular disease.
  • Employees get insight how food, stress and digestion are related and how to influence their health positively by applying the taught knowledge.

Our brain, our happiness organ?

Our stone age brain is hardwired to help us survive. Our brain overestimates threats coming at us and underestimates our resources for dealing with them. In ancient times this helped keep us alive. In modern times, with a kaleidoscope of stressors, this bias impedes us. Understanding the ways our brain tricks us and by choosing what we want to focus on helps us to create a happier, calmer and resilient brain.  This simple method based on the latest scientific insights uses the power of daily experiences to 'wire' your brain towards resilience.


  • Employees learn strategies to get past their negativity bias and feel more focused & in control which leads to more productivity.
  • Employees get insight in how to increase their distress tolerance, which is a fundamental source of resilience, happiness and achievement.
  • Employees will learn how to have a more positively inclined focus. Happiness encourages us to take steps towards achieving our (work) goals.

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"The Speeddate Re-Thinking Resilience gave me a lot of insight into a personal matter I had been struggling with for a long time and helped me to take the needed steps into regaining my balance. Laura is sharp, compassionate and knows how to help you find your own solution"

Jeffrey van Tiggelhoven - directeur Devani Creative

'We work behind monitors a lot. 2Blossom makes sure we can function behind our desks for an extended period of time. Therefore, it is both efficient and relaxing'.

Virginie Wagenaar- Product Manager Reed Busines Information

The Speeddate consultation was very useful. Through a number of clear advices I can already arrange my eating pattern in a (much) healthier way. Luckily the tips are easily realisable and after a week I already notice that I have more energy during the afternoon.

Make a list of achievable targets at the beginning of each week for the concerning week. Based on this list you can make a daily list of activities that work towards your targets. All you have to do now is: focus! Set a few times a day to read your mail instead of throughout the day.

This makes you a lot more productive so you'll feel more satisfied at the end of your workday.

Chair massage is also a good form of stress prevention

Healthy employees with a balaced lifestyle

2Blossom thinks along regarding your health policy. We would be happy to explore the options with you during an noncommittal conversation.

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2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant, nutritionist & coach. Laura works with a holistic approach. The body is a psycho-neuro-immunology unity and the challenge lies in finding balance." My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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