What kind of complaints does 2blossom treat?

Touch nut

Where does my complaint originate and how do I get rid of it, sometimes seems "a touch nut to crack". The body is a psycho-neuro-biological unity. I.o.w. the body and mind are interconnected. Hormones, nerves, immune system, brains, cells, everything communicates together ingeniously in such an intricate way we've only just starting to discover. 2Blossom does not olny look at the complaint but also at the person as a whole. What (food) behavior contributes positively or what makes the complaint worse.

Holistic approach

2Blossom therefore works with a wide variety of complaints. From eg. Migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, ME, menopausal complaints, insomnia to burnout. With each complaint it is important to find out where it goes amiss in this ingenious whole. What we eat, what we feel, how we deal with stress etc. everything is connected. Thus, for example, stress often aggravates immuun related complaints or certain foods can give worsening of complaints or do the opposite and improve health.

Fish in water

2blossom looks at the complete picture. Are there perhaps food sensitivities? How do you eat, what stressors play a role in your life? Migraine often involves food sensitivities, with burnout there is among other things a disturbance in the hormonal balance that can give a cascade of compliants, from insomnia to depression. Every person is unique and therefore 2blossom treatment is individually tailored. Together we explore in order to restore your balance so you can again feel like "a fish in water".

More information

An example:With a spastic colon (IBS) is good to check what and how the person eats, whether there is a food allergy, he/she gets the right intake of (soluble) fiber etc. But  it is just as important to investigate whether stress might play a role. From your brains run two major nerves. One activates, the other soothes and among others regulates your digestion and recovery. When activating nerves are frequently active, this may cause a disruption of your digestion. This often plays a role in IBS.

Nutrition and emotion:

Eating certain foods can affect our mood. Frequenty eating simple carbohydrates (sweets, white bread, etc.) has an effect on our blood sugar levels. By eating simple sugars your blood sugar levels first increase quickly, but then soon after drops again quickly. One of the effects is that after a short energy spike (or blood sugar peak) you may feel tired, erratic or moody. What you eat, how you think (positive / negative), how you deal with stress, how you deal with your emotions has a strong effect on your wellbeing.

How does 2Blossom work

2Blossom helps you to find your balance in the following ways, by:   

  • learning to recognise the signals of your body,
  • discovering what diet works for you,
  • learning to altenate stress & old patterns (eg. procrastination or performance anxiety) by means of coaching / insight and to discover where your strengths lie,
  • Where necessary, support with natural remedies. 2Blossom uses remedies that have been tested for their safety and effectiveness.

Can 2blossom assist me with my complaint?

Want to know whether 2blossom can assist you, please feel free to contact 2blossom for details.

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2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant, nutritionist & coach. Laura works with a holistic approach. The body is a psycho-neuro-immunology unity and the challenge lies in finding balance." My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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