• 2blossom's health advice is in most cases (partially) reimbursed
  • 2blossom works with College level certified masseurs
  • 2blossom works from the latest developments in scientific field
  • Member professional association NWP, up to date knowledge (periodic training)

2Blossom incompany

2Blossom represents an integrated approach to health. By actively promoting the health and wellbeing of employees, a strategic business interest is served. Healthy and engaged employees perform better, after all! Instead of just keeping employees free of complaints, move towards optimizing their health.
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Chair massage

Chair massage has a preventative health effect. The chair masseur not only brings relaxation but also has an observing function, tunes in to possible complaints and creates awareness of posture and body. Would you like to know more about this valuable ‘gift’ to your employees and organisation?

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Health advice

How do you motivate employees to exercise and eat healthily. And what is healthy eating? 2blossom's trainings aim is to motivate your employees towards healthy behavior through knowledge and simple tools. We do this based on the latest scientific research on nutrition, health and exercise.

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Stress provokes the infamous fight / flight reaction. Whether running into bears in prehistoric times, or sitting behind a screen staring at a full inbox with many deadlines to fullfil in our modern lives: our brains make no difference. 2Blossom gives practical tips on how to reduce stress levels, leading to more focus and productivity.

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Vital and motivated employees?

Healthy, enthusiastic employees perform better. 2blossom's integrative health training promotes health and wellbeing of employees.

2blossom's practice

It's a daily challenge to stay balanced, both physically as well as mentally. Stress or health issues can obstruct us quite a bit. It's an art to be able to really (learn to) listen to the signals your own body is giving you. Yet it is the best way to stay balanced. That's why 2blossom is for anybody who wants to consciously handle their health. Do you want to blossom too?

In most cases 2blossom's treatment is (partially) covered by your insurance.
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Health advice in 2blossom's practice

Can good nutrition prevent and even help heal physical ailments? Yes, is the answer. From a growing amount of research it is becoming more and more clear just how important nutrition is. Together with you, 2blossom looks into your diet, but also into the overall picture. How do you deal with stress, emotions, what does your complaint signify to you. If needed, treatment is supported with natural (scientifically researched) remedies. Together, we investigate what fits you. Finding balance and enjoying food are leading principles

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Coaching in 2blossom's practice

Work-life balance, how do you find that? Sometimes you get stuck by drastic changes in your life or you feel like you are running around in circles. 2blossom helps you to explore what is holding you back in utilizing your talents, being happy in the here and now, setting your boundaries etc. Are you stuck in old patterns that make you do something in a certain way, which no longer work for you? What are supportive and subversive thoughts? Through insight and tools you learn to choose more freely.

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Happy in your own skin?

Looking for balance? Or in use of some energy? 2blossom assists with personal, tailored health advice or coaching so you rediscover your balance.

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    2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant, nutritionist & coach. Laura works with a holistic approach. The body is a psycho-neuro-immunology unity and the challenge lies in finding balance." My passion is getting the best out of people".

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