• We bring a uniquely holistic approach to health management solutions
  • Sustainable health is our starting point. Healthy people, healthy planet.
  • 2blossom works from the latest developments in the scientific field
  • Online agenda tool & College level certified masseurs

2Blossom incompany

2Blossom represents an integrated approach to health with a focus on prevention and optimizing health. By actively promoting the health and wellbeing of employees, a strategic business interest is served. Healthy and engaged employees perform better, after all!
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Health concepts

2Blossom provides innovative and customized health concepts for instance during your company's health event. We offer a unique holistic approach, looking at your company's specific needs and at the connection between wellbeing, mindset, diet, behavior and lifestyle. We help your employees to blossom.

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Chair massage

Chair massage has a preventative health effect. The chair masseur not only brings relaxation but also has an observing function, tunes in to possible complaints and creates awareness of posture and body. Would you like to know more about this valuable ‘gift’ to your employees and organisation?

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Trainings & Webinars

2Blossom sees wellbeing and resilience as key enablers of employee engagement and business results.
We provide bespoke wellbeing and resilience trainings that are innovative, inspiring and interactive, based on the latest scientific insights on nutrition, health, resilience and (mental) wellbeing.

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Vital and motivated employees?

2Blossom stands for a holistic approach, taking in account the various factors that play a role in employee wellbeing and their joint coherence.

2blossom's practice

It's a daily challenge to stay balanced, both physically as well as mentally. Stress or health issues can obstruct us quite a bit. It's an art to be able to really (learn to) listen to the signals of your body. Yet it is the best way to stay balanced. That's why 2blossom is for anybody who wants to consciously improve their health. Do you want to blossom too?

In most cases 2blossom's treatment is (partially) covered by your insurance.
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Health advice in 2blossom's practice

Can good nutrition prevent and even help heal physical ailments? Yes, is the answer. Together with you, 2blossom looks into your diet, but also into the overall picture. How you deal with stress, emotions, what does your complaint signify to you. Together, we investigate what fits you. Finding balance and enjoying food are leading principles.

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Coaching in 2blossom's practice

Work-life balance, how do you find that? Sometimes you get stuck by drastic changes in your life or you feel like you are running around in circles. 2blossom helps you to explore what is holding you back in utilizing your talents or being happy in the here and now. Are you stuck in old patterns which no longer work for you? Through insight and tools you get a better grip on your life.

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Happy in your own skin?

Looking for balance? Or in use of some energy? 2blossom assists with personal, tailored health advice or coaching so you rediscover your balance.

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We are bombarded with health & nutrition fads & marketing adds. 2Blossom breaks it down to simplicity, holistically & based on the latest research

About me

2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant, nutritionist & coach. Laura works with a holistic approach. The body is a psycho-neuro-immunology unity and the challenge lies in finding balance." My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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