Chair massage

As an employer you undoubtedly know the impact of absence through sickness in your company. This is one of the reasons it is worthwhile to invest in the health of your employees. One way to do this is structural chair massage. The benefits speak for themselves:

  • form of appreciation
  • a peaceful moment during the rush of work: relaxation and recuperation at the same time
  • awareness of work posture (2Blossom provides advice and exercises)
  • effective against e.g. neck, shoulder and back complaints, (tension) headaches and RSI
  • improves concentration and energy level
  • observing function
  • preventative health effect

Massage as a form of personal attention produces a win-win situation: employees will feel better and will get back to work with renewed energy. Moreover, possible (starting) complaints will be recognized and treated by the chair masseur. If needed, 2blossom will refer to a specialist , for example a physiotherapist, manual therapist or GP.

Our masseurs have a poassion for their work and for the wellbeing of people. They look forward to meeting you!

Prices & starting points


  • Pricing starts at  € 14,- p.p. ex.VAT.     
  • Chair massages take 15, 20 or 30 minutes (set in advance); including changing clients.      
  • Minimum intake is 2 hour in totall.
  • Fixed price agreements are possible in case of structural intake.
  • The price includes use of 2blossom's online agenda.

Starting points:

  • In the case of structural chair massage, the masseur will keep a file of the clients to be able to work on (prevention of) complaints (data are kept in accordance with the privacy directive).
  • We come to you with a massage chair. All you need to supply is a quiet, well ventilated space to work in.
  • Clients stay fully dressed.
  • 2Blossom has a network of certified masseurs at HBO level with a quality mark (affiliated with occupational
    group KNGF , ESA, TouchPro, or NWP).
  • Schedule: 2blossom works with a schedule on which employees can sign up.
  • Choice between relaxational massage or a complaint based treatment.
  • Chair massages have the most effect when offered every 2 or 3 weeks.

Want to try? It´s our pleasure to make a tailered quote for your company!


Frans Appels, directeur online marketing bureau Netprofiler

'2blossom's masseur is a winner who, with her massages, makes sure the empoloyees of Netprofiler have a moment of rest and relaxation. I think this is beneficial and relaxing for everyone who sits behind the computer al lot'.

Frank Basten, directeur Unijobs uitzendbureau

'The wellbeing of my employees is a high priority. 2blossom's chair massages improve the wellness and have practically become a primary condition for employment'.

Karen Jenkins - Vice President Researcher Marketing at Elsevier

"2blossom has visited my office for corporate massages for 5 years, and I thoroughly recommend their service. The masseurs professionalism and treatment is top-notch, and their calm, relaxed nature brings a zen atmosphere to our busy office environment"

Tax advantage: Wage tax deduction chair massage

Offering chair massages to employees is deductable from wage tax under the following conditions:

  • The chair massages are registered in the Arboplan.
  • The chair massages take place under office hours.
  • Employees will not be charged an own contribution for the chair massage.
  • The employee shall not have a personal material saving

Why 2blossom?

2Blossom stands for quality!

2Blossom has a network of certified masseurs at HBO level with a quality mark (affiliated with occupational group KNGF , ESA, TouchPro or NWP).

2blossom's masseurs:

  • provide additional prevention through tips and specific advice.
  • have the knowledge to determine when referral is indicated and towards what type of practitioner connect.
  • are broadly educated. The chair massage is based on the Shiatsu and in addition, several complementary techniques are being used, from deep tissue, Tuina to Swedish massage.
  • are required to obtain annual training points & are members of a quality-assurancing complaints commission.
  • in structural assignments maintain a file of the clients so that in a focussed way they can work on prevention or treatment of complaints (guaranteed privacy).

Fit and motivated employees?

Research has shown that employees perform 12% better when they feel good. A 20 Minute massage can already work miracles. -Source:Warwick University, Happines & productivity-

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