Everyone is different, that is why a treatment is tailor made. Sometimes (coaching) conversations and advice are sufficient, sometimes 2blossom supports with natural remedies whose effectiveness have been scientifically based. For 2blossom the collaboration between CAM (complementary Alternative Medicine) and conventional medicine is key. Bringing together the best of two worlds.

If you have additional health insurance package, treatment will be (partially) reimbursed in most cases. Check the right corner of this page to see what applies to your insurance policy.


Do you find yourself getting stuck or wondering: What do I want, where do I go from here? What's holding me back? You learn habits & behaviors from your family, environment & culture. Sometimes you get stuck further on in life and notice that certain habits or behaviors do not serve you any longer in the present or even curb you. Or they keep you from achieving your talent or simply from feeling happy. By means of awareness and practical tools 2blossom supports you to find the best in yourself.

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Health advice

To you want to live a conscious lifestyle with a healthy diet, but do you feel confused by all the contratictions & opinions about what is healthy and what not? Or do you suffer from a chronic physical complaint? With a customized lifestyle you can help yourself to restore balance. 2Blossom always treats the whole person and thus looks at the broader picture. How do you deal with stress, how and what you eat, what meaning does your complaint have in your life. Together we search for what you need to restore balance.

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What complaints does 2blossom treat? Because 2blossom treats the whole person 2blossom treats a wide range of complaints. If you expirience stress for instance, besides a mental effect it also has an impact on your body. The immune system functions are tempered, the heart rate goes up, but it also can cause IBS, eczema, headache, etc.

Type of complaints


Besides working with a wide range of complaints Laura specializes in working with stress-related symptoms such as feeling tense, burnout symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. She also works with mild anxiety and mild to moderate depression (in the latter case, always in consultation with the treating psychologist, psychiatrist and/or GP).

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Background information

2blossom works from a holistic perspective in which people are seen as an inseparable combination of body and mind. In the background info you can find more on 2blossom's starting points: healthy nutrition, integrative medicine, Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) in the form of phytotherapy, principles of holism & sports / movement.

Background information



'I got in touch with Laura because my daughter fell into a coma through an accident. As a result, I had a lot of nervousness and anxiety in my life. Laura really listens to you and takes the time for you. Laura is genuinly interested in you. In addition to our coaching sessions, she prescribes me Bachremedies, this quiets me down so I can function better'.

Cassandra Steer

'Each massage at Laura is completely different, and always a delightful experience. This is because every time she listens very carefully to what the body needs. Sometimes I have a deeply relaxing massage, sometimes energizing, and sometimes therapeutic when I have specific muscle complaints. Laura, through all her years of training and experience, and also by her own personality, has a unique combination of skills and people skills. These are actually the best massages I've ever had, and I recommend her wholeheartedly'.

Marloes van Schalkwijk

'Laura takes her time and sincerely listens. You notice that she has a lot of knowledge and experience, which she also uses to ask the right questions and for giving valuable tips. A consultation with her gives new inspiration and courage!'


  • Often there is a maximum reimburesment per day and per year. This varies by insurer. Do you know the name of your insurer & care package? Check here how this is arranged by your insurer.


For what kind of complaints can I seek advise at 2blossom?

Interested to know what kind of complaints 2blossom treats? Take a look at 2blossom's "type of complaints" page.

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2blossom has one solid root: Laura Hoekstra, 'health ambassador', qualified as an integrative health consultant, nutritionist & coach. Laura works with a holistic approach. The body is a psycho-neuro-immunology unity and the challenge lies in finding balance." My passion is letting people get the best out of themselves".

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