What is healthy nutrition?

'Your nutrition is your medicine, your medicine is your nutrition' Hippocrates

Eating behaviour

Nutrition has an undeniable effect on our health. 2blossom Always looks at eating behavior. What do you eat? In what way do you eat? When do you eat? What is your relationship with food? Habits, emotions, examples and assumptions (think something is healthy when it is not) determine our choices about what we eat and drink. The varying messages from the media and the food industry do not make it any easier to create a healthy diet. Because what is actually a healthy diet?

Balance is the keyword

2blossom can inform and advise on nutrition. The starting point is the knowledge that food is more than just nutrients. A vitamin pill remains something other than fresh fruit and vegetables. And baby food formulas have never been able to match mother's milk. Yet it also does not work if we are too strict with nutrition. Balance is the key word. If the bases of your diet is healthy, you can, now and then take that less healthy snack that you so much enjoy. Enjoyment is an important part of food. Moreover, healthy and delicious go together very well! Together with you 2blossom creates inner balance by putting together a base for a healthy and delicious, personalised nutritional pattern.

Learning how to listen

When you have physical complaints, but also when emotionally you do not feel at your best, a nutritous, vitamin and mineral rich diet is especially important. With everything you eat your body must steer the most ingenious body processes. Deficiencies can cause complaints, but also too much of certain substances (e.g. trans fats, fast carbs, etc.) can stand in the way of your body to function healthily. But also if, for example you practice sport intensively you have to make sure that all the nutrients you use up are supplied back through your diet. Our body is much smarter than we are. If we learn to listen to what we need, we can help our body to stay healthy.

So what is healthy?

Kies bewust logos, light products, added vitamins, omega 3's, Acidophilis, you can not name it, and it is added to our food. Through all logos and different opinions is hard to "see the trees through the nutrition wood". You have to almost be an expert to still understand what's right for you. Fat, no fat, some fat, with or without milk, palm sugar, stevia, aspartame.

Confused you stare at the shelf. Reading labels almost requires a doctorate in biochemistry, what oh what is  healthy!? 2Blossom helps you make it simple again, just with some basic tools. Did you know that the ingredient which is first listed on the label is what the product contains most of? Ranging from most till least at the last listed ingredient. If corn syrup is listed first this may not a be the best product to eat as breakfast daily...


Want to read more? A few tips regarding interesting articles are offered for inspiration.

http://www.rivm.nl The Dutch RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) performs a lot of research on the relations between nutrition, sports and health

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11735305 Lifestyle, minerals and health. This research shows that the development of disorders and diseases like depression, allergies, lower back pains, arthritis, heart and vessel disease and troubled digestion are associated with low nutrient, highly manipulated food combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, participants of this research had a far too high percentage of toxic aluminium in their blood

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18395932 The role of breastfeeding and the effect on excessive weight of these children in adult life


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  • For health advice applies: The one-time intake of approximately 1.5 hours costs € 90, -
  • For writing an individual, detailed health plan charges 2blossom single € 150,-

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