The power of our thoughts and how to use it

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had an ingenious (work) planning that did not turn out the way we envisioned. Life happened, work happened. Your flue invested kid or thoughts kept you up all night, your boss allocated you a sudden extra project, you were cut off in traffic and to make matters worse you did not notice mr. St. Bernard present on the pavement... Probably a mix of things happened and pulled you away from YOUR ZEN & MAGNUM OPUS PLANNING.


Internal background choir

When this happens we tend to get stuck in reactive mode. Feeling frustrated, flooded, we might start to blame others or ourselves for the situation. We probably have a whole internal background choir singing unconstructive cues to us.


A.      How can I be productive when I’m dead tired. I feel so frustrated I will never get things done. What will my boss think. These things always happen to me. I feel stressed.


We have a choice…A: We can let these “interferences” influence our day and make our thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy òr…… B: We can bend our mind by looking at the facts and reassess our plans whilst having constructive thoughts.

B.      Okay, I am tired but I can still be productive and enjoy my day. I’m stronger then I think. I’ve gotten many difficult things done in my life. I will catch up on my sleep tonight. The other driver probably did not see me. I also sometimes make traffic mistakes. What is realistically achievable today? I will inform what has the most priority to my boss. What is the bigger picture? I’m doing okay.


Constructive evergreen

Our feelings and behavior stem from our thoughts. We can not bend air but we càn bend our thoughts and with that our feelings. Be aware of your background choir, take a step back and let it sing a constructive evergreen.

 Mind-bend checklist:

  • Does this thought spark a constructive feeling?
  • Does this thought spark constructive action?
  • Does this thought fuel my battery?

Over Laura Hoekstra

Laura Hoekstra is a health educator focusing on the intersections of food, health and climate. With her background in Natural Medicine Laura looks at health (people and planet) through a holistic lens. She is a Certified Nutritionist and Naturopath and an advocate for Integrative, Personalized Medicine.


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